Cultivating a Melodic, Reggae-Fusion,
Surf-Rock Blend of Sublime

meeting Jack Johnson on a hip-hop kick, Brooks expertly crafts a unique, singular sound that tugs at every interwoven thread comprising the fabric of his interests, as well as his life.

To tell the story of Brooks Sanchez however, one must look at his life as far more than just a footnote, as the artist draws on every moment he encountered during his time on this earth when designing his own brand of auditory definition.

Brooks’ story is intended to inspire other individuals, as well as show them that no matter how deep you fall into the darkness, there is always light to help you find your way home.

“I want to use my experiences to help people. If I can influence even just one person, then I can die happy knowing my message was sent. If I can get people to really hear me* then I might just save lives, as music did for me.”


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In Loving Memory
So She Said
Had A Dat


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